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These mural paintings are shown for your information and to show the variety of custom painting which can be done. If you have a request for a mural, please give me a call at 316-617-8021 or send me an email at terreljones@frontiernet.net of what you are needing. I will be happy to see what can be done for you!

While none of these paintings are available for purchase, paintings which are available for purchase can be found on the menu above.
Thank you,
Terrel Jones

Fish Mural

Troy, Montana
Booze and Bait Mural
Acrylic Paint - 20' x 40' - 1997

Coffee Cup

Northwest Music and Hot Club Coffee Shop
Troy, Montana
Coffee Cup Mural
Acrylic Paint - 8' x 10' - 1999

XXXL Mural

Northwest Music and Hot Club Coffee Shop
Troy, Montana
XXXL Mural
Acrylic Paint - 8' x 8' - 2002

The mural consists of five Hawaiian shirts worn by Frank Chiaverini, the talented musician and owner of the Hot Club. In the border of the mural are the names of each of the shirts as well as the title of the catalog, Paradise on a Hanger, from which the shirts have been purchased.

Frank is recognized by the shirts he wears everywhere, throughout each season. The mural is large, (8' x 8') and so is Frank, thus the title XXXL.