Terrel Jones Fine Art L.L.C.

Original Fine Art Paintings

Terrel Jones is an artist from Troy, Montana.
You are invited to view Terrel’s work inspired by nature, color, and pattern. Original paintings consist of oils, pastels, watercolors, collage and mixed-media. They range in subject matter from flowers to landscapes and figures. She enjoys experimenting with new techniques while developing a variety of concepts that express her thoughts and reflections on life. For further information call 316-617-8021, or visit my contact page to have me contact you.


Flowers and Still Life Paintings

Flowers and Still Life Paintings

International Paintings

International Paintings


Landscape Paintings

Mixed Media

Mixed Media Art

Portraits & Figures Paintings

Portrait and Figure Paintings

Timeless Tree

Tree Paintings


Watercolor Paintings

Declining Nudes

Declining Nude Paintings

Sassy Sisters
Art Series

Sassy Sisters Art Series